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Rs. 15000 Prize Bond List 02 January 2020 QUETTA – prize bond 15000 results of 02-Jan-2020

The next draw for Rs 15000 prize bond will be held at Quetta on Wednesday. The next Rs 15000 Prize Bond draw no 81 is scheduled on January 2, 2020. However, draw no 82 for the same prize bond will be held in April 2020. Rs 15000 prize bond is the good prize bond for investment.

The people should check the prize bond draw number of Rs.15000 prize bond results. Draw number of Rs.15000 was managed in Quetta on 02nd January 2020. The people can also check full denomination list of Rs.15000 prize bond on the official website. You can also check the prize bond 15000 results of 02-Jan-2020 and according to the representative of National Savings the 1st prize of the prize bond 15000 worth Rs.30,000,000 will be awarded to the single winner while second prize of the prize bond 15000 worth Rs.10,000,000 will be awarded to 3 lucky winners and the third prize of the prize bond 1500 will be given to 1696 participants for Rs.185,000/- each.

Bond Worth City Date First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Rs 15000 PKR Quetta 02-01-2020 30,000,000 PKR 10,000,000 PKR 185,000 PKR

The State Bank of Pakistan has issued a schedule of draw dates for 2020 for which further details are available on the National Savings website (www.savings.gov.pk).

The Prize bond draw is held by a committee constituted by the Central Directorate of National Savings and is open to the general public. The winning prize bonds are drawn through a manually operated draw machine (HODM), which is usually operated by special children in front of Committee members and the general public attending the draw ceremony.

The draw machine (HODM) is also checked by the general public before the start of draw. The public may also attend the prize bond draw ceremony on the production of their original CNIC.

Prize bonds can be purchased and encashed in any quantity at all field offices of SBP BSC (State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation Bank), offices of National Saving Centers, and designated branches of all commercial banks.

Below you will find the dates and locations of the various Prize Bonds Draws of Pakistan.

Day/Date Rs. 40,000 (Premium) Rs. 25,000 Rs. 15,000 Rs. 7,500 Rs. 1,500 Rs. 750 Rs. 200 Rs. 100
02-01-2020 (Thu) Quetta
15-01-2020 (Wed) Karachi
03-02-2020 (Mon) Faisalabad Hyderabad
17-02-2020 (Mon) Rawalpindi Peshawar
10-03-2020 (Tue) Multan
16-03-2020 (Mon) Muzaffarabad
01-04-2020 (Wed) Faisalabad
15-04-2020 (Wed) Hyderabad
04-05-2020 (Mon) Rawalpindi Peshawar
15-05-2020 (Fri) Muzaffarabad Lahore
10-06-2020 (Wed) Karachi
15-06-2020 (Mon) Quetta
02-07-2020 (Thu) Hyderabad
15-07-2020 (Wed) Muzaffarabad
03-08-2020 (Mon) Lahore Faisalabad
17-08-2020 (Mon) Multan Quetta
10-09-2020 (Thu) Rawalpindi
15-09-2020 (Tue) Peshawar
01-10-2020 (Thu) Multan
15-10-2020 (Thu) Lahore
02-11-2020 (Mon) Peshawar Karachi
16-11-2020 (Mon) Quetta Faisalabad
10-12-2020 (Thu) Hyderabad
15-12-2020 (Tue) Rawalpindi

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